About Us

It all started in a groovy orchard.

The Cuties® story begins in late 60s California where a revolution was taking place, not just on college campuses but in the sunny orchards of the San Joaquin Valley. We were growing navel, Valencia, and Minneola tangelos and quickly establishing them as some of California’s finest fruit.


The cutest addition to our family.

Having practiced the fine art of citrus growing for years, we took it to a new level of cuteness in the early 2000s with the introduction of Cuties brand California Clementines.
We’re still here, in the same place we started, where our family has cultivated and perfected these adorable, sweet, seedless treats that have made it into the hearts and fruit bowls of families near and far.


Cute fruit is just part of the story.

The popularity of Cuties has everything to do with what some might call our overzealous quality standards. Every piece of fruit must pass a rigorous inspection that checks for eating quality, high (natural) sugar levels and minimal-to-zero seed content. You can peek in on our Maricopa facility and see the scrutiny under which every single Cuties goes through on its way to your fruit bowl.