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Cuties soon to have a new Mighty sibling


At this weekend’s PMA Fresh Summit convention (Oct. 17th – 19th), Sun Pacific, the company that brought you the kid favorite Cuties Clementines, have been showing off their latest addition, Mighties. This is user (or eater) friendly kiwi fruit, that will be packaged with a spoon/knife combo (it’s literally all one piece), to help ease the way for little hands to eat.

Sun Pacific representatives were on hand to answer questions regarding the newest member of the family. When asked what was so kid friendly about the Mighties, it was explained that besides the Mighties mascot, the fruit themselves are easier to eat. They have been prepped, so unlike other kiwi’s that you purchase in the store, these don’t require you to ripen them on your kitchen counter for a day or more, before you can eat them. They are packaged, ready to go, from the moment you buy them. All you have to do is use the plastic knife half of the enclosed utensil to cut the Mighty in half, and then use the spoon half to scoop out the meat of the fruit.

SoCal should begin looking for them first, since they’re being grown here. The harvest is scheduled for some time in November, so the Mighties should be in local stores not too long after that. Keep an eye out, because there might also be a coupon in your Sunday paper around the same time.

If the success of the Cuties is anything to gage by, then the Mighties have been aptly named.