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Do the Cutie Curl

The Cutie Curl Photo Contest is in full swing! Click HERE to see the sweet prizes you can win by simply peeling a cutie. It's the fun and E-Z way to Unwrap Sweetness.
Get the cutest stuff on the planet.

The cutest stuff on the planet.

From our Mandarins to our juice, if it says "Cuties" you know it's 100% natural and your kids will love it. Let the healthy snacking begin!

When is Cuties Season?

Cuties Clementines are picked fresh for you to enjoy multiple times during the year. Check the Cuties Season Tracker to see when these sweet, healthy treats will be available in stores
near you.


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Introducing Mighties

From the growers of Cuties come Mighties™, the Ripe & Easy to eat kiwi. Slice, scoop and enjoy this fuzzy power-packed little fruit. One could even say they are like wonderfully sweet multi-vitamins. Grab them off shelves this November.

On your mark, get set, curl!

Do the Cutie Curl today and curl your way to a sweet prize.
One grand prize winner will receive a cuties California
getaway. So pick up Cuties today and enter for your chance
to win!