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What makes a Cutie a Cutie?

All of our Cuties are perfectly pure. All bright and sweet, and sure to allure. Our Cuties sweet taste is beyond all measure. A superior flavor that all children treasure. But they can’t just be sweet, they must also look cute. So we only ship our top-quality fruit. Next time you buy Cuties, please rest assured, you’re buying the best fruit one has ever procured.

Mandarin, Clementine or Murcott?

Now there are two types of Cuties, two different kinds. Before growing Murcotts we grow Clementines. They’re both in the same Mandarin family, of the same quality that’s sweet as can be.

To clear things up a little more, and let you know when they’re in stores, this Cuties season timeline shows how and when our Cuties grow.

Cuties are Non-GMO.

Cuties are not genetically modified and are proud to be verified by the Non-GMO Project, making them the perfect natural snack for kids.

Where do Cuties come from?

You might just be thinking if you’re unaware, “now who is the maker, who grows them and where?” It’s one big family, and to be more specific, a great company in California by the name Sun Pacific.

Sun Pacific began back in 1969 with the purchase of 72 acres of oranges in Exeter, California. Today we move more than 75 million boxes of fresh fruit from our farmland in the San Joaquin Valley to homes across the country.