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We share these little bundles of sunshine from our grove in California to friends across the country. To celebrate Cuties Season, we’re bringing a little sweetness to each and every day. So share a Cutie with someone you love and brighten your world with 100 Days of Sunshine.

It's Cuties Season!

We send our little bundles of joy out into the world from November to April. During that time, you’ll find ripe and delicious Cuties in produce aisles across the country.

Share the Sunshine

Every day is a chance to fill your world with love and sweetness. Join us as we celebrate Cuties Season with 100 Days of Sunshine. Follow along and discover all the ways you can brighten someone’s day.

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Be Mightie

We don’t just grow Cuties — we raise Mighties, too. Packed with potassium, vitamin C and plenty of other good stuff, Mighties kiwi is the amazing fuzzy fruit. Always ripe and ready, you can just cut, scoop and eat.